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Tiger Boxing Club is a non-profit organization incorporated under British Columbia's Society Act. We are a member of Boxing BC Association, which is affiliated to Olympic boxing.

My master is Wing Fai David Lam. His masters were Master Kam Wah Li and Master Tiger Ng. Master Lam was chosen to be one of only three boxers to compete in the 1968 Asian Games, representing Hong Kong Tiger Gym. His master, Mr. Kam Wah Li, competed in the 1966 Asian Games and was the silver medalist in the 1964 Olympics for Hong Kong. Mr. Kam Wah Li's Master was Henry Wong. Master Tiger Ng boxed professionally in Japan and was the Founder of Hong Kong Tiger Gym.

Ramon R. Dizon's formal healing and martial arts background:

Western Boxing:
~Treasurer, Boxing BC Association, Mar2010–Sep2011
~Official (Judge and Referee), Canadian Amateur Boxing Association
~Boxing Coach, Certified by Coaching Association of Canada
  (Government of Canada) 2006–Present
~Member, Coaches Association of BC 2006–2015

Healing Arts:
~Shin So (Deeper Healing) Shiatsu Therapy
  (Cheryl Coull, Meriel Cammell & Ted Thomas) 2007
~Taoist Qigong
  (Sifu John Chengzun Pan, BMS, R.Ac., D.Ac., RHN) 2006
~Medical Qigong (Master Shou-Yu Liang) 2006
~Reflective Exercise (Qigong by Master John Alton in USA) 2006
~Macrobiotic Diet, Cooking & Health
  (Kushi Institute, Massachusetts, USA) 2006.

Martial Arts:
~Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal Canada (Kevin Haaland & Tom Dy Tang)
~Muay Thai Instructor (Certified by Wing Fai David Lam, Hong Kong &
  Thailand certified Coach & Referee; Past President of Hong Kong Tiger
  Gym 1990–2009; Boxing Coach at Hong Kong Police Boxing Club)
~Classical French Finger–Style Fencing (Coach William & Lawrence Coles)
~Balintawak Arnis Escrima Cuentada (Grand Master Bobby Taboada)
  2007 & 2015
~Shaolin Kung Fu Weapons (Sifu William Ye) 2005
~Tai Chi Sword (Sifu John Huang) 2005
~Being A Judo Instructor (John A. Huntley, Kodokan 7th Dan) 2005
~Art and Philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (Sifu Ted Wong)
~Philosophy of Sinkatan-Arnis (Maestro Bernardo Fabia Salinas) 2002
~Sinkatan-Arnis, D’ Estrella (Guru Doug Klinger) 2001–2002
~Judo (Various teachers at various judo clubs) 1999-2004
~Japanese Jujitsu (André Schwarz) 1997
~Shootwrestling (Erik Paulson, Light-Heavy Weight Shooto Champion)
~Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (Dan Inosanto Sifu/Guro/Kru/Sensei/Saya)
~Small Circle Theory of Jujitsu (Professor Wally Jay, 10th Dan) 1986
~Shito Ryu Karate (Patrick McCarthy, 7th Dan) 1985–1986
~Shotokan Karata (Andy Holmes, 6th Dan) 1984–1985.

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